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Basic DiTranslator Flow


EDI Document (figure 1) Transaction in EDI format
Standard Report (figure 2) Transaction in Report format
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Diagram illustration:

In the basic flow, DiTranslator assists vendors in fulfilling trading partners' orders.

A trading partner sends a Purchase Order in EDI format to DiCentral's TMP VAN. DiCentral's TMP VAN seamlessly forwards that Purchase Order to DiConnect Lite, which will then forwarded the data to DiTranslator. Once received, DiTranslator will convert that Purchase Order to human readable format (figure 2). Advance Ship Notice and/or Invoice will then be created either manually, using DiTranslator's Data Map Editor module, or automatically, using Turnaround task available in the Trading Partner Kit. Once the Advance Ship Notice and Invoice are created, they will be translated to EDI format (figure 1) which will then seamlessly be delivered to DiConnect Lite, passing through DiCentral's TMP VAN, and finally arriving to the trading partner's mailbox.


Advanced DiTranslator Flow



Diagram illustration:

In the advanced flow, DiTranslator's role is expanded to fulfill the trading partners' role.

A trading partner creates a Purchase Order either manually, using DiTranslator's Data Map Editor, or automatically, using Import File module, and has it converted to EDI format (figure 1). A Purchase Order will then be sent to DiConnect Lite which is seamlessly connected to DiCentral's TMP VAN and the vendor's mailbox. In reverse, the vendor's Advance Ship Notice and Invoice sent to DiCentral's TMP VAN will be forwarded to DiConnect Lite and DiTranslator. Once received, DiTranslator will translate those documents to human readable format (figure 2) and display them to the trading partner for review.