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  • Increasing inventory turns for inventory management case

DiUnite allows businesses to achieve

o   Faster transaction times

o   Enable business intelligence technologies that allow in-depth analysis of inventory movement through the creation of data warehouses

o   Provide tighter integration with channel and trading partners by providing electronic means of transferring inventory and demand data through tools like EDI and collaborative systems

o   Create real-time reporting systems that use integration to access data nearly instantaneously to provide accurate and up to the minute information on inventory levels and demand allowing nearly instantaneous adjustments to respond to changing market conditions.

  • Lower operational costs

DiUnite eliminates

o   Need to hire in-house experts in X12 or EDIFACT to configure the EDI infrastructure

o   Need for middleware solution between the ERP system and the EDI software

o   Labor cost in maintaining trading partner maps

o   Labor cost in moving data between systems

  • Efficiency improvements


o   Automates process of moving data between systems

o   Creates links between multiple disparate systems with minimal effort while attaining maximum speed and efficiency

  • Scalability


o   Was tested at 20,000 records per minute

o   Capable of transferring over 20,000,000 records daily